1. About the classified ads Solve.ph

Solve.ph is a free classified ads platform. We help connect buyers and sellers online.
Freely communicating with buyers and sellers in your city and in different city.


 2. Is Solve.ph a free classified ads service?

Yes, the services available at Solve.ph for placing, editing and deleting your ads are absolutely free.
But there are some opportunities for you to promote, highlight, move your ads on top, which are paid.
But it's all up to you!


3. Do I need to register for an account at Solve.ph?

Registration for viewing ads on the Solve.ph is absolutely optional.

But to place and manage your ads, you need to register.
You can register your account on the Solve.ph message board easily for free and it will take one minute of your time.
The process is very simple! Just follow these:

Click the "Registration" link. The site will ask you to provide the necessary contact information.
After filling in the required fields, press the confirmation button and you are now registered with Solve.ph!
Solve.ph will send a message to your e-mail about successful registration.

After completing the registration procedure for Solve.ph, you can manage your personal data and your ads by using the "My account" section,
which you will find at the upper right of the website after you login.


4. What are the benefits that I can get from registration?

Only registered users can use "My Account".
My Account is your private office, your personal space on the site Solve.ph.

As a registered user of Solve.ph, you will be able to:

  • Place an ad for free.
  • Manage all your ads in one place - in "My Account" on the site.
  • Track the status of your ads ("active", "inactive", "moderation", "disapproved", "blocked")
  • View selected ads, add and edit notes to them.
  • Reply to messages and new comments.
  • Keep track of your ad statistics (views, calls, etc.).
  • Manage "Wallet" using the Solve.ph purse.
  • Pay for the promotion of your ads like: Premium, Highlight and Move Ad On Top, using your "Wallet".


5. How do I post my ad in Solve.ph?

In order to publish an ad you must register first.
After registration, click on the "Publish Listing" button (+ button on your mobile) in the upper right
corner of the page.
Then select the category corresponding to the topic of the ad and fill out the form. And that's all.


6. How long will my ad show on Solve.ph?

At this time, the maximum period for posting ads on the Solve.ph Classifieds Ads is 30 days.
At the end of this period, the ad will automatically be inactive.

You will be notified 3 days before your ads will be inactive. Notification will be sent to your e-mail.
While the ad is inactive, you will have the choice to extend your ad, edit or delete it.


7. Can I customize my profile after registration?

In the "Settings" section, you can change your personal information at Solve.ph: name, phone number, city, e-mail, upload your personal photo.


8. What is "Wallet"? (for registered users only)

The "Wallet" on Solve.ph is in "My Account". A wallet is a convenient way to pay for promotional services on the site.
You can replenish your wallet for any amount, and then pay for promotional services with it.
Pay attention that the withdrawal of funds from the purse to another virtual wallet, mobile phone account, etc. is IMPOSSIBLE.


9. What Promotional services do you provide at Solve.ph?

The Solve.ph site provides additional paid services:

1. "Premium"

"Premium" service allows you to attract more attention and increase the number of views up to 20x compared to a regular ad,
by placing an ad in a special "Premium" Block on the site, visual highlighting of the ad and displaying the ad in the top search lines.
The cost of "Premium" service is ₱ 30. The period of validity is 7 days.


2. "Highlight"

"Highlight" service allows you to attract more attention and increase the number of views up to 5x
compared to a regular ad, due to the visual highlighting of the ad compared to regular ads in search results.
Cost of the "Highlight" service is ₱ 15. The period of validity is 7 days.


3. "Move Ad On Top"

"Move Ad On Top" service allows you to attract more attention and increase the number of views up to 3x compared to a regular ad.
Since new ads are constantly added, all previous ads are farther in search results. In result, the ads lose efficiency over time.
The service of "Move Ad On Top" allows you to put the ad in the first part of the search result, accordingly, increasing the effectiveness of the ad.
The cost of "Move Ad On Top" service is ₱ 10.


10. How can I communicate to the buyer/seller at Solve.ph?

Now buyers can ask their questions about a product or service to the seller, right on the "Send Message" button.
Messages can only be seen by the buyer and the seller.
You will have the opportunity to discuss the price of the goods! Give or ask for additional details of the goods and the payments.


11. I still have questions. Do you have Technical Support Service Specialist?

If you have read the information in the Frequently Asked Questions and you still have more questions, you can always have the opportunity to ask the Technical Support Service Specialists of Solve.ph.

You can send your questions in the "Contact" section.